Truffle Mark



Truffle Mark gives dark color and shiny texture to your desserts. Helps save on chocolate consumption. It also helps enhancing the stability. It has longer shelf life as compared to dairy cream, ideal for using as filling for dark chocolate cakes and pastries.

Product Details
Unit Weight :1 kg | 1 Case : 12 units

Shelf Life:
12 Months from Manufacturing Date when stored under -18 C or below

Takes all acidic flavors, Clean and unbroken pipping definition, Silky smooth finish Fast and easy to whip, Fresh white shine, Will not collapse once whipped, Difficult to over whip, Will not crack and dry, Freeze thaw stable once whipped, Whips up to 4 times it's volume, Will take colors and flavors, Excellent elasticity.

Directions for Use
Shake container well before opening, pour into chilled bowl upto 20% of the bowl capacity Whip on medium speed until product starts to thicken. then on high speed until soft peaks form Ideal whipping temperature for product +2*C to +5*C temperature. Whipping speed, bowl size, and amount of product whipped affect whipping time, yield and its features Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration if desired, add additional colours, flavours or sweetening agents during whipping.